Standees – life-size Cutouts.Listed below are some of the numerous alternatives you’ll be able to choose for everything dimensions cardboard boxes cutout

Standees – life-size Cutouts.Listed below are some of the numerous alternatives you’ll be able to choose for everything dimensions cardboard boxes cutout

At composition board Cutout Standees we solely develop life-size customized cutouts. Our efforts are centered on supplying the excellent life-size cutouts for your next function, advertisement, or special day. Currently many options to modify everything proportions composition board cutouts. You can employ numerous resources, content alternatives, and cut-out styles to almost any life sized standee. Our very own skilled people prides by themselves in making certain every cardboard boxes remain true that will leave the service suits our top quality measure. The composition board standee was developed within 1-2 business days, there tend to be various shipping choices to guarantee that the photos standee is actually delivered to satisfy their shipping requirement. We have been self-assured you may be pleased employing the quality, choices, and timeliness individuals standees.

Below are a few of the numerous choices you can actually decide upon your way of life size cardboard boxes cutout


We all build life-sized standees in several products; and all possessing special attributes.

  • The normal, most cost effective content accessible for your own lifesize stand happens to be covered cardboard. This program would be ideal” alt=”beste moslim dating apps”> interior make use of and mild holding.
  • The best create standard life-sized remain true, we advice foam fundamental. This really is a really level information and provides the sharpest impression good quality to suit your life-sized cutout.
  • Should you need your life length cutout to outlive the elements otherwise wish reuse they for numerous functions we recommend corrugated silicone. This product is similar in building to cardboard, it is resistant to the features plus durable than normal composition board.

Each of the products happen to be published with Ultraviolet immune, water resistant inks on professional top quality inkjet inkjet printers. Your lifetime measured cutout should not fade in the sunlight and definately will look great for quite a while.

Composition board Cutout Standees involves a durable stand with all of life-size cutouts. Composition board sliced outs and material basic reduce outs set-up immediately with a permanently affixed stand. Corrugated plastic material clipped outs set-up fast with a stand that may be shed and re-attached. It is perfect for when you really need to consider all the way down and travel your life dimensions standee for trade events or advertising.

Phrases Alternatives

We provide an assortment of tactics to add content to your lifesize standee. Conversation bubbles, plan bubbles, and signs are usually offered. Need your daily life measured cutout to add a humorous rate? We will produce the written text you’re looking for in a speech ripple, imagined bubble, or indicator. Or, should you and also your friends want to use your own imagination and write yours emails, select dried remove whiteboard selection for your lifetime length cutout. Have fun in your “flat” customer of respect by picking an email selection.

If you are planning to utilize your lifesized standee for an advertisement or industry series, the build team can also add copy or company logos for your lifesize cutouts. Engage your potential customers with an eye catching life-sized cutout. Contact us at [email guarded] with inquiries about our personal possibilities.

Party Possibilities

If you plan on using everything size custom cutout for shot possibilities, Cardboard Cutout Standees can really help. Create your lifesize standee into an image table with a face cutout, or talk to north america to remove your head for a stand-behind alternative. With a face cutout life-sized stand, your friends and visitors becomes a superhero, a fireman, a pilot, or maybe an animal or place creature! For those possibilities, we are able to render a full-body life sized cutout or print your daily life length standee including the back ground designed and printed on an entire rectangle-shaped sheet to permit you and your guests to best protect behind the look just for the finest image.

Shot Modifying

It is sometimes difficult to find that perfect photograph for your specific life-sized operate. For assistance with taking and choosing graphics, read some tips here.

These are some instances when we are going to help. In the event that image for your own life size cutout:

  • happens to be cutoff at the feet / hips / ft, we could add the missing out on parts of the body.
  • have a supply undetectable behind someone else, we can add an arm.
  • incorporates an annoying trace or instant location, we could avoid it.
  • was retaining a plate, we could transform it into a margarita cup!

Our personal experienced personnel of image publishers can hit your own picture to provide a fantastic life-sized cutout. Cardboard boxes Cutout Standees Photo Editors also can create head swaps between design which means your best life-sized standee looks good for your own gathering. If placing your order merely make a note of the method that you would rather the picture edited.

Huge Suggestions

Composition board Cutout Standees can certainly make large and impressive cutouts. Though our maximum measurement for one board standee is actually 47 in by 95 in, we’re able to stretch the controls by using many screens producing large and impressive cutouts. This lets united states to help make life-sized cutouts for from a sizable collection photography compared to that life-sized giraffe you typically desired! let us know at [email guarded] to inquire of about creating a multi-panel standee.


Life size cutouts could be more than customers! All of us making anything – life size pet, life sized lively characters, automobile, anime….the odds for life measured standees tend to be never-ending!

Transport / Supply

Get life-size cutout delivered and shipped by choosing the selection that most closely fits your family needs:

  • Absolutely Free Industry Delivering
  • UPS Soil
  • UPS 3 Morning Choose
  • UPS 2 Night Air UPS
  • Day After Atmosphere

Remember to let 1 business day for all of us to make everything size cutout following create freight efforts. Do not rely week end days for either production or freight occasion for your specific standee. Feeling is true later planner or ignored to purchase lifespan size cutout for the sunday’s celebration? Call us or e mail us at [email secured] and our life-size cutout wizards carry out whatever can in order to save the big night!

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