In the files, below, the lady spouse James has a tendency to scurry round the state to get into a myriad of business offers.

In the files, below, the lady spouse James has a tendency to scurry round the state to get into a myriad of business offers.

She has really been noiseless, until she were required to accept land sales; so when women did in those days, she couldn’t contest the husband’s options.

This blog post deliver your reader a better photograph about lifestyle in seventeenth-century Pennsylvania, which may be duplicated throughout the North american seaboard.

Here are the decades, like hyperlinks into the families chain, quickly:

James certainly is the unique immigrant predecessor. He probably visited of the vessel Kent, but his label was not tape-recorded or survived in traveler set. Honour is also the main immigrant, voyaging across underwater after this lady dad William Clayton or with him. James offer satisfied his upcoming spouse on boat, or he or she learned about the lady through the grandfather.

Definitely something can be clear from files: James and Honour comprise involved with her society. He established in Marcus lift, that has been subsequently tucked within Pennsylvania, these days in Delaware (the line there’s been moved around many). This individual proved helpful as a weaver, and kept some residence, possibly with sustenance grazing creatures like birds, whole milk cows, goats, and hogs. Perhaps an indentured servant or a cost-free hired palm developed some crops.

James and honor existed out their particular weeks in Chester region, Pennsylvania. The guy expired before blemish. 1, 1715/6, however it is unfamiliar when this beav expired. This model brothers and sisters died through the belated 1720s (except Joseph). One tape in 1731 claims she’s dead, therefore we know she died before that track record. Five years before? 12 months? We merely don’t know.


Lt. Col. Bellarts, whoever segment 46 remains the foundation for your ideas in this article about James and Honour, notes that James Dark brown potentially emerged for a passing fancy vessel as William Clayton: the Kent (only some the individuals’ name had been taped or live when you look at the forms). He seems to have resided in Marcus land, currently in Delaware (view place, below). Then he gone to live in Chester County, possibly when you look at the later 1670s, when William Penn granted area.

Thomas Hamm, historian and archivist at Earlham college or university, comes with invaluable details, particularly on James and honor, though he or she is different from Bellarts on same facts (discover resources, part by the end, for that backlink to Hamm’s online blogging).

James Dark brown came to be 27 th night, 3rd week, 1656. She was given birth to 29 th morning, very first month, 1662, in Rumbaldswick Parish, Sussex, England. They got hitched 8 th Day, 6th calendar month, 1679 (Aug. 8, 1679), during the Burlington, nj-new jersey, Monthly meeting-house. They expired before 1 st time, 1st week, 1715/6, which exercise to March 1 (or 21 st or 25 th ), 1715/6, Nottingham Township, Chester region, Pennsylvania. Honor expired before April 9, 1731 (traditional style of matchmaking).

Ahead of time James Brown was living at Marcus lift, that has been in Pennsylvania back then (right now in Delaware), while Honour was living upward in Burlington, Chygoes Island, that is no more an island these days. The direction they achieved is certainly not evident, except the Quaker people would be close-knit, and William Clayton and James Dark brown are probably about the same send, the Kent. William possess poised abstraction all the way up. In addition, Marcus land was close to the assets in which William Clayton relocated along with his personal.

Wedding ceremony tape between James Brown and recognize Clayton checks out, in part:

This is often to certifie who can consirne that James Dark brown of Marker’s Hook, weaver, & Honnor Clayton of Burlington, using declared their intentions of Nuptials & neighbors having satisfaction do permitt them to feel joyned in Marriage at a gathering in Burlington, ye 8 th of ye 6 th Month .

“William Clayton, Elder” is documented underneath the relationships report to point out he was indeed there at their own daughter’s event.

Origin for nuptials: Burlington Monthly appointment Quaker Church mins, p. 416 (or 417).

Eventually, James and honor Brown decided in western Nottingham Township, however they in addition got area in Chichester. One parcel was actually also known as Pudington.

As took note, James expired before March 1, 1715/6, as soon as his will was demonstrated in Nottingham Township, Chester district, Pennsylvania. Their particular girl Mary’s union track record may touch once honor passed away (determine below). Mary am partnered April 9, 1731 (traditional style of internet dating), nonetheless church report states James and perchance praise is deceased. Indeed James expired before 1715/6.


Again, Bellarts would be the starting point for the majority of the records found in this part.

One online analyst provides those periods for William; he also matters Ann Browne as a child, who had been delivered 1687 in Marcus lift, Delaware region, Pennsylvania. She attached Robert McKay 1700. She passed away in 1726 in Cecil state, dating site Maryland.

But since Ann is certainly not named in James’s will, she is definitely not most notable phase. But that’s not to say categorically the woman is definitely not their own. But professionals want to assembled church registers of these youngsters or report various other origins.

He was delivered 17 th day, fundamental week, 1681, in Marcus land, Pennsylvania. They married beyond your Quaker confidence, so he might being disowned.

As far as I see, experts never have found his or her matrimony tape, to let maybe indicates this individual hitched beyond the good friends Church. His own little girl is likely to be Abigail, whom hitched Thomas Thornburg, basic period, 1740/1. By our means of figuring facts, the deed and court records, below, are generally or primarily of James’s daddy, the subject of this section. This could indicate James Jr. relocated off.

The guy wedded Esther Yearsly in 1704.

Much more about all of them:

We have found a theoretical of his will – no less than its likely that the is actually his own may:

Brown, William, merchant, Susquehannah thousand, Cecil Co., 23rd July, 1716; proven 13th Aug., 1716. To girlfriend Hester, extx., and hrs., ? assets, true and private. Lands in Balto. Co. as sold, additionally those who work in Cecil, at prudence of extx. To unidentified sons and daus. ––, at 21 years. of age, remainder of house. Should wife pass away during section of kids, siblings Jonathan Brown and Nathan Baker to care for land and place kids with Quakers. Challenge: James Collins, Jno. Piggott, John Mattason, Sarah Baker. 14. 171.

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